I’ve known Big Swede over two decades now and whenever he calls I know I’m in for something different.

He is coming from a musical place that I literally could never imagine. His beats, and soundscapes are of another universe from mine. I am basically a blues, funk, R&B type of musician. Nonetheless, when we get together it’s a marriage of two freaks that produces great results.

When he called me to be involved in the Downtown Art Dreams and tried to explain I politely interrupted him and asked, “What do I bring and when and where do you need me.” I knew it would be interesting and after all he IS a big Swede.

Here’s an interview with Big Swede about the project:

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/252845391″ params=”color=ff5500&inverse=false&auto_play=false&show_user=true” width=”100%” height=”20″ iframe=”true” /]

I have recorded at Big Swede’s 5th & Spring St. studio many times and the hang on the streets when we go grab a bite to eat or a coffee is as exciting as the music. What a cast of characters on this street scene.

The Shoot

The morning of the shoot,  we met Gronk and Tanner for coffee at a small cafe on Spring. The street was alive with the crazies and the cast was ready for their close ups. The artists were well into their thing with sketches of the street scene with India ink and water colors scattered all over the tables.

I was and am honored to be associated with all this talent of the City of Angels. Enjoy the track and the video.

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Marcos del Castillo

a todo madre!!!!!

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