Jimmy Z says, “This was Freedomfest, 1988. Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday celebration, before he was released from prison. It helped spark the worldwide anti-apartheid movement. Our set was at 9:30 in the morning and we followed two short acoustic sets by Sting and George Michael, so the crowd was ready for a full electric band. I’d been on a pub-crawl terror for two weeks in London so I was feeling a little wobbly but the adrenaline rush of playing to 100,000 crazed fans seemed to help my aches and pains. I thought at one moment during the harp solo I was going on a bit too long but then I said to myself, ” …oh what the hell …one more!”



I saw that video on Youtube some years back and have to re-visit it from time to time. Life Rock-Pop at it’s very best with the (by far) best harmonica solo (actually two of them) I’ve ever seen!

I’m happy to announce that we will take part of JIMMY Z and the Z TRIBE on a venue near us in Sweden VÄRMLAND and in the little community of Storfors.
Yes we are delighted to be part of this great musicians and their upcoming tour in Sweden that will be on our venue 27/4 2024 live in Storfors Folkets Hus!Dont miss this opportunity to see JIMMY Z LIVE and see you there or be square! Kent Eriksen / Omega Music project.

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