Jimmy Z says, “This was Freedomfest, 1988. Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday celebration, before he was released from prison. It helped spark the worldwide anti-apartheid movement. Our set was at 9:30 in the morning and we followed two short acoustic sets by Sting and George Michael, so the crowd was ready for a full electric band. I’d been on a pub-crawl terror for two weeks in London so I was feeling a little wobbly but the adrenaline rush of playing to 100,000 crazed fans seemed to help my aches and pains. I thought at one moment during the harp solo I was going on a bit too long but then I said to myself, ” …oh what the hell …one more!”


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I saw that video on Youtube some years back and have to re-visit it from time to time. Life Rock-Pop at it’s very best with the (by far) best harmonica solo (actually two of them) I’ve ever seen!

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