My first professional double scale session

I recorded my first professional double scale session in LA in 1981 at the Record Plant on 3rd St. in Los Angeles with Jack Douglas producing Jimmy McCarty of The Detroit Wheels and Lee DiCarlo engineering.

I’d just got the gig literally with Rod Stewart only an hour before as I was in Rod Stewart’s mansion on some priceless antique phone talking with Jack about the session and how much I charged. Rod just happened to walk by and I told Jack to hold the phone and asked Rod,  “How much I should charge?”  Without missing a beat he said, “Nuthin’ less than double scale, mate.”

I told Jack double scale not having any idea what it was. Jack asked, “Will $400, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a few lines of blow do?” I said, “That’ll work!”

And so… My professional recording career was born.

I met Chris Stone the owner of the Plant that night and he was such a gentleman. I went on to record 4 platinum albums with Rod Stewart there, Ronnie Wood, Andy Johns and so many others. Chris Stone’s and Rose Mann’s guidance and encouragement will never be forgotten.

RIP Chris Stone. Here’s one of the many tributes to this amazing force of nature.

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RIP Chris. Treasure those memories, Jimmy.

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