I recently had a great time touring Sweden with Swedish bluesman Slidin’ Slim. Besides playing in traditional venues, Slim also arranged for us to teach & perform at two music clinics.

Now, I’ve been interviewed many times, but the Clinic/Question & Answer and then play songs type of gig was new to me, but I really came to dig it.

I like telling stories… OK, let’s be honest I love talking shit or basically hearing myself pontificate on anything. And I got a lot stories. I gotta million of ’em… Rule #1 is I have to be louder than anyone else in the band when I solo!

I did enjoy these clinics and I actually felt maybe some of my insights could make a difference. Oh who am I kidding???!!!

Here are videos of our clinic on October 25th at the Music Börsen store in Linköping. They were shot by Dave Maakestad.

I hope you find them as interesting and entertaining as the crowd there did.

Part 1 – The Bose people were so kind to supply the sound system but we had to crank the volume after the first song. This clip showcases my rambling, coma inducing style of Q & A.

Part 2 – Talking a little about recording and touring with Rod Stewart and how I made it in the music biz before I learned how to read music.

Part 3 – I don’t know if Slim wrote this but it’s our theme song to each other. It’s called “You’ve Been a Waste of Time”… haha… and my signature tune, Howlin’ Wolf’s classic “I’m Worried About You” with me on harp and vocals.


Part 4 – Decoding the Jimmy Z fast triplet lick. Practice, know your ax and be a good hang.

Part 5 – Discussing recording with Eurythmics and Rod Stewart and why they were the best. The worst: Gene Simmons on Kiss session. Not really all that bad… just funny.

Part 6 – Some sax & vocals for ya on Willie Dixon’s “Ain’t Superstitious”… kinda Howlin’ Wolf style. Big Fred joins us on piano on “Country Girl.”

Part 7 – More songs – Please excuse the abrupt cut-off on ‘My Babe’, but we were close to the YouTube time limit. It was our last number anyway.

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