This is one of my favorite photos and memories. It was taken backstage at Wembley Stadium December 1986 after a Eurythmics concert for The Prince’s Trust, a favorite charity of the Royal Family. Prior to the concert, we were formally introduced to Princess Di and Prince Charles, but more about that in Part 2.

Joniece Jamison, the stunning and immensely talented, backing singer was such a joy. She could go from totally approachable, self-deprecating sweetie to Regal African Queen in seconds. Just don’t get her angry. Check out her story –

What a voice and presence. When she and Annie Lennox sang together, the two of them sounded like a full choir. After recording The Revenge Album in Paris and 3 years touring the world I never heard one bad note from these two awesome voices.


On this particular occasion, we were in London backstage after our concert and it was a who’s who of London Rock Royalty… and Real Royalty!!!

Joniece comes up to me and says, “Hey Jimmy who’s that guy over there? I know he’s from some big group. And if you laugh at me I’ll kill you.” And she was quite capable of that and had a mean look in her eye that she meant business. I said, “You’re joking, right?”  I couldn’t blame her for I did have a bit of a reputation for my wicked sense of humor.

I say well that’s George Harrison. She just gives me a blank stare. Doesn’t ring a bell. So I take her arm and say let me introduce you. He’s a really nice guy. She’s resisting but coming with me. We get to George and I say, “Hey, George this is Joniece Jamison and she knew you were in some group but we couldn’t remember the name.” He laughed. But if looks could kill I’d a been a goner the way she looked at me. But George, with his great dry wit and sense of humor, didn’t miss a beat and said, “Hmmmmmm… let’s see… maybe the Beatles?” in that Liverpudlian accent. We all had a good laugh, fortunately, caught on film. He complimented us both on a wonderful show. He was a true gentleman.

The whole band and many more such as David Gilmore, Bob Geldorf, Chrissie Hynde… ended up in George’s London flat drinking to the wee hours. And not just a gentleman, George was a fantastic host with a well-stocked bar!!!


Nice blog Jimmy! Love you’re playing man.. The very real deal! #tone #notes #ear

Thanks Ray and right back atcha!

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