I’ve been recording sax, flute, and harmonica on Barbara Hughes songs for about a year now. It’s been a pleasure to work with her and Jerry in his Adamos Studio. She’s open to any and all creative input and her introspective songs are reminiscent of Al Stewart’s “Year Of The Cat” Album vibe. I’ll be playing on her set (Gahndi’s W.I.P) and doing a set with my band ZTribe. SeaLegs is a great venue right on the beach just about a mile north of Huntington Beach Pier. The festivities start around 4 pm until sunset. There will also be a Deep Purple-Rainbow Tribute band.

Best of all, it’s a FREE show! You have no reason not to come down to the beach.

Full bar and restaurant.

Gandhi’s – 5:30
ZTribe – 6:15
Deep Purple Tribute – 7:30

ZTribe Band members:

Jimmy Z – vocals, harp, sax
BR Millon – guitar
Mo Beeks – keyboards, vocals
Vince Tividad – bass
Tom Fillman – drums


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