Jimmy says, “Take a look at a band firing on all cylinders right outta the gate. For real, this was our first show EVER live at the Country Club in Reseda. We did one other at The Roxy that rocked too. Tell me if you can feel the raw energy and talent on that stage. It’s hard to believe only 7 people could conjure up all that sound and fury. No FX. No AUTO TUNE… Just TALENT… and SOUL. The Revenge Album was released a week later along with the single Missionary Man. The rest is history.”



Michael F Voss

My girlfriend and I attended this show, a block away from my apartment, expecting a full concert.
We were very disappointed with the short set, particularly as it was a spectacular performance.
My memory was that Dave was annoyed with the video setup, particularly the crane camera used
for most of these shots. We attributed the short show to this, but it may well have been they
only intended to do a few for promotional vids and the audience wasn’t properly informed.
Fortunately we got to see them perform full shows a number of times, including this tour’s 3
shows at the Greek. Thanks so much for posting this sort of bittersweet memory!

Sorry to hear you weren’t properly informed on the shows at the Country Club and The Roxy. All along they were produced for a London TV show (The Tube?) and only four songs were to be performed. Actually the first time we ever played those songs live so there’s that for your memory banks if that’s any consolation. I’m happy you got to see and hear the full show at The Greek. The Revenge Tour and album was one helluva a band and album. We were all in our prime and firing on all cylinders. Those 3 or 4 years with Eurythmics was a professional high point for me and a whole lotta fun. All the best, Jimmy Z.

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